About Us

Covision Media, a tech powerhouse in the Covision Lab network, unites computer vision and machine learning specialists. Our passion is merging A.I. with 3D scanning tech to create precise 3D digital twins from real-world objects.

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Team Culture

At our company, our diverse team is driven by the transformative potential of AI. We thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative environment, where innovation and excellence are at the core of everything we do.

While we champion open dialogue and creative problem-solving, our primary commitment remains to meet our customers’ high expectations, ensuring top-notch quality across all facets of our business.

Covision Media Principles

Much like our inherent nature, these principles steer us in our tasks with a blueprint for making decisions, whether it’s related to customer interactions, product advancement, recruiting and talent oversight, day-to-day operations, or sales and support. They serve as a compass for our leadership and impact the way we collaborate with individuals and teams, regardless of location or business affiliation.


A team of experienced and visionary technology entrepreneurs works with best-in-class computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning researchers and engineers to solve a variety of industry challenges.

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CEO, Co-founder
Computer Vision Engineer
Head of Marketing & Communications
Full Stack Software Engineer
Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer
Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer
Mechatronics Engineer
Business Development USA
Sr. Software Engineer