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Leverage our 3D scanner to mass-produce reality-grade 3D scans and create extensive 3D datasets for training your generative A.I. models and object tracking algorithms

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Enhanced Product Visualisation

3D scans provide rich, realistic data, enhancing AI training surpassing 2D data in realism and value.

Improved Object Recognition & Tracking

3D scans are vital for enhancing AI models’ accuracy in recognizing and tracking objects in 3D space.

Enhanced Spatial Understanding

3D scans are crucial for tasks like scene comprehension and object manipulation that require 3D structure knowledge.


"As the product content industry pivots from 2D images to 3D digital twin based immersive content, Covision Media has positioned themselves as the new industry standard for high-quality 3D object creation. I highly recommend Covision Media as the go-to for the highest quality 3D scans that supports all visual content needs."

Dan Hyde, Content Strategy Consultant, Ex-Amazon CX Insights and Innovation


“Covision Media’s 3D scanners are the best in the industry, allowing our customers and big tech to finally generate thousands of 3D models of their products that then are displayed in through VNTANA’s 3D data asset management platform.”

Ben Conway, Co-Founder / COO