Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Covision Media’s 3D scanner different from all other scanners?

Covision Media's 3D scanners are specifically designed for companies seeking reality-grade, fully automated, and scalable 3D assets of their products. Unlike other scanners that rely on photogrammetry, Covision's scanner employs advanced computer vision and machine learning technology, providing a unique advantage. This technology ensures relightable 3D assets with photorealistic quality, natural interaction with virtual light sources, adaptability to various virtual environments, and versatility for e-commerce product photos and videos.

How does the D-Twin II ensure accurate object placement?

Objects are statically positioned using "invisible" holders, ensuring accurate and reality-grade 3D scans.

How does the D-Twin II capture complete scans in a single shot?

The multi-camera/projector/light scanner captures close to full spherical scans in just a single shot.

How long does it take to scan one object?

With the D-Twin I, it takes under 12 minutes to scan a single object. Whereas with the D-Twin II, it takes 10 minutes.

How many objects can be scanned per month and per year?

Our D-Twin I customers typically use our scanners for 1 or 2 shifts (8 hours each) per day, 5 days a week, resulting in 8,000-12,000 scans annually. On the other hand, those with the D-Twin II have an annual throughput of over 17,000 items.

What objects can be scanned?

While our website showcases mostly shoes, our scanners can scan any object. However, there are size limitations and restrictions on transparent or mirror-like objects, requiring post-production efforts.

Are scanners operated by experts?

No expertise is needed. Two days of provided training are sufficient for anyone to operate our scanners.

What is the type of data that the scanner produces?

The scanner automatically generates three types of 3D models per scan—8k textures, 4k textures, and 2k textures—catering to various use cases. Customers can choose to generate any resolution in between directly from the 3D scanner.

What is the scanning volume of the 3D scanner?

The first-generation scanner, D-Twin I, has a scanning volume of 40cm x 40cm x 50cm. The second-generation scanner, D-Twin II, boasts an even larger scanning volume up to 70cm x 70cm x 70cm, capable of scanning deformable items.

Does the 3D scanner have limitations?

While pushing the limits of computer vision and machine learning, and 3D scanning technology, objects with mirror-like reflections may require manual adjustment by a 3D artist. Currently, no one else produces relightable 3D scans with photorealistic quality as we do. We are dedicated to automating and elevating 3D scanning quality to new heights.

How are the 3D scans typically used by customers?

Customers typically use 3D scans for six main purposes: Embedded in a web player for customers to zoom in, out, and rotate assets. Utilized for Augmented Reality, such as Virtual-Try-On applications. Used to derive traditional 2D product photos from 3D models. Same as before, used to derive short videos from 3D assets. Embedded in virtual environments and contextual 2D photos and videos. Part of VR or mixed reality experiences on platforms like Apple's Vision Pro or Meta's Quest 3.

Do you offer scanning services?

Yes, scanning services are currently available in Europe through our partner company NUREG based in Germany, with plans to expand to the US and Asia in 2024. If you are interested in a partnership, reach out to Nadia Crespo at

Does the customer need their own servers for reconstructing the 3D models and storing the data?

No, a rack with 3-4 workstations, including NVIDIA GPUs, is typically provided.

How long does it take to install a 3D scanner?

Our team typically completes the machine installation within approximately 3 days. Subsequently, we offer 2 days of on-site training for a group of 10-15 employees/operators. This training is complemented by online resources and a comprehensive handbook.

Do you provide training for the customer’s employees?

Yes, 2 days of on-site training for 10-15 employees are provided, along with online training and a handbook.

Can I buy or rent 3D scanners?

Yes, both options are available. Contact our sales team for details at or call at +39 333 442 1494.