Covision Media
for Photo Studios

Elevate your photo studio and eComm content creation with AI-powered 3D scanners. Focus on your strengths—creativity and deep photography know-how—then derive all your e-commerce, marketing, and social media content from the 3D scans.

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Enhanced Product Visualisation

3D scans offer a detailed view of products from all angles, letting customers closely examine details.

New Revenue Streams

Open new revenue streams from 3D, video, and 2D derived from 3D.

Resource Efficiency

Efficiently produce 3D assets and control post-production workflows with our scanner.


"The unparalleled quality and relightability Covision's 3D scans enable our global team of 3D and photo specialists to utilize the 3D models for all final applications we create."

Tommy Lenssen, Head of the adidas team