3D-Twin Scanner

Easy 3D capturing in 12 minutes, precise surface details, and exceptional results. No prior 3D experience required. Ideal for mass production of reality-grade 3D scans.

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Technology Advantage


Utilize structured light patterns to encode object surfaces. Implement a tailored multi-view technique. Attain extraordinary accuracy of approximately ~0.2mm.


Achieve precision with point light placement. Discern intricacies of material and lighting. Automate PBR texturing. Enhance photometric normals. Unmatched accuracy, exceeding <0.05mm.


Each machine enables companies to produce 12.000 digital twins per year. The time per digital twin is 12 minutes.

Scanning Process

Unpack & Style

Unwrap the product intended for scanning and apply styling.

Place & Scan

The operator places the product and clicks 'Scan Now'.


The 3D digital twin is ready to be displayed.

D-Twin II

D-Twin II introduces a suite of cutting-edge features that facilitate the effortless and scalable scanning of both deformable and rigid objects. This includes a wide range of items such as backpacks, bags, accessories, shoes, toys, tools, and clothing. Customers can effortlessly capture intricate details with unparalleled accuracy.

Key features of D-Twin 2 include:

  • Full 360° view achieved by the scanner rotating around the object
  • Minimally invasive hardware platform for mounting objects
  • AI for automatic removal of object holders from scanned images
  • Generative AI technology to fill small gaps in scanned objects

D-Twin I

Our first generation of scanner is perfectly suited for mass-producing rigid objects like footwear, toys, tools, household items and décor furniture. It leverages state-of-the-art in computer vision and AI to generate reality-grade 3D models that are mainly used for creating any kind of e-commerce content.



Explore photorealistic 3D models in stunning resolutions—8k, 4k, and 2k—perfect for a diverse array of applications.


Immerse your virtual environments with authenticity—every 3D model boasts relightable features for seamless integration.


Capture thousands of 3D scans annually with our efficient scanning technology, completing each scan in just minutes.


Our cutting-edge A.I. guarantees the best quality and copes with transparencies and mirror-like reflections.

Scale in 3D production

Our scanner is ideal for daily use, typically operating two 8-hour shifts, 5 days a week (220 days/year). It sustains continuous 24/7 operation without issues.

Scans x day
Scans x month
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