Covision Media
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Harness visual realism, embrace innovative market approaches like Virtual Try On, generate viral social media videos easily and be cost efficient across your brand’s strategies.

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Enhance customer engagement, expedite product inspection, and reduce returns with enhanced satisfaction.

Elevating Customer Engagement

Improving customer engagement, fit assurance, and post-purchase recommendations.

Improved Prototyping & Iteration

Make it easier to test and iterate on product designs.

Human-centric Approach with AR

Using 3D scan applications (VTO, VR/VR) to bring products and services into the context of customers’ lives.


"Covision’s scanning technology has helped the team take a quantum step forward in quality while maintaining its scaled scanning production. With the highly realistic scans, adidas has experienced time and cost efficiencies by switching from traditional content production, such as photo and film, to computer-generated content production."

-Operations and Production Team, including CG Production